Microsoft Teams - How to Find and Download


How do I find and download Microsoft Teams?


Teams is a powerful communication and collaboration app that is available for us to use through our Microsoft license. For more information on the many things that you can do with Teams to stay connected and how to do them visit the Microsoft Teams Video training on Microsoft’s website. 

Topics include: 

  • The chat feature to stay in contact with your co-workers 

  • How to set up virtual meetings with Teams either through Teams app or with the Outlook plug in 

  • How download Teams app to your cell phone 

  • How to share and collaborate on files with others using Teams 

  • How to use Teams to call your coworkers. 

Go to For instructions on how to get to myAccess see the Knowledge Base article Remote Access Services & myAccess.  

Once you login and Authenticate with MFA find the Office 365 application tile and click on it. 


If you do not see Teams listed then click on All Apps 


Find and click on Teams in the list of apps 


The Teams listed in your Microsoft Teams will look different than the ones listed below. To download the desktop version of Teams for maximum usability click on the download button in the bottom left hand corner.