Joining a Zoom Meeting


How do I join a Zoom meeting?


To learn how to join a zoom meeting through an instant meeting through an email invite, an instant messaging invite, from the browser, from the zoom desktop and mobile application, from a land line or mobile phone, and with a H.323 or SIP device. You can download the Zoom app from their website at

For instructions on how to join a zoom meeting from any of the following ways, visit the Zoom website and see the help topic Joining a Meeting

  • Windows based computer
  • Mac based computer
  • Linux based computer
  • Android mobile app
  • iOS mobile app
  • Google Chrome web browser
  • Safari Web browser
  • Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer web browser
  • Mozilla Firefox web browser
  • From an email
  • From an instant message
  • From H.323/SIP

Zoom also provides a test meeting you can connect to so you can get familiar with Zoom before you have to be in a live meeting. To access the test meeting visit


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