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This project proposes to implement a solution that provides virtual access to the many student support services described in the section above. This challenge was discussed extensively in several days or workshops facilitated by the CCC-assigned Planning Resource Team in several days or workshops facilitated by the CCC-assigned Planning Resource Team (PRT) in consideration with the IEPI (Institutional Effectiveness Partnership Program) grant funding opportunity. Those discussions involved faculty, counselors, deans, VP’s, technical staff, instructional office staff, and students, and the outcome was a set of recommendations from the PRT to proceed, along with $200,000 in grant funds enabling virtual services for students that are off-campus (at any Sierra College campus).

The Student Support Virtualization Platform project is one of three recommended by the PRT. The other two focused on moving existing student support services from within mysierra to Canvas and the Sierra College mobile app; the two places identified in the workshop that students and faculty both prefer to conduct the business of teaching and learning. These other two projects will be submitted and scoped separately from this project; however, the virtualization services will likely also integrate with the Canvas and Mobile at some point.

This project proposes to identify the needs, select the vendor solution(s) that best meet the needs, and implement the Student Support Virtualization Platform in a phased manner that coincides with District academic and operational calendars. It will involve participation from all stakeholders described above in the initial workshop sessions, and it will involve stakeholders for system testing, refinement, communications, and training. The overall timeline of the project is 12 to 18 months, with a goal of initial implementation stages in Q1 2021.


  1. DG - Achieve equitable access and increase student success, retention and persistence in order to increase the number of students who complete certificates and degrees or transfer to four year colleges and universities while maintaining high levels of academic integrity

  2. DG - Identify and close success and equity gaps amongst underserved and/or underrepresented student populations

    District Goal 3: Provide professional growth and develop a climate of inclusion in order to support highly effective and innovative teaching and learning, support services, operations, and collaboration.

    District Goal 5: Modernize, revitalize and develop new facilities and infrastructure based on the current Facilities and Technology Master Plans.


  1. Medium Lack of Commitment

    There may be some faculty and counselors, or student support staff, that are not comfortable using on-line technology in a virtual manner.

  2. Medium Total Cost of Ownership

    The ongoing cost obligations not funded through the grant will have to be identified and approved by the District.

Intangible Benefits

Students are able to access counselors, faculty, tutors, and student support services using on-line resources and will not be required to physically be present.

The solutions are implemented with complete user acceptance testing and sign-off by all key stakeholders.

The solutions are easily available and accessible to any student attending Sierra College using standard home-computing devices and the Internet.

The solutions are available in those applications that faculty and students "like to live" (tight integration with Canvas, Starfish, communication systems and mobile devices, etc.



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Fabio Zampieri
Mgr Network Operations
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Thu 10/15/20 2:52 PM
James Todd
Vice President Student Serv
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Thu 10/15/20 2:53 PM
Tom Benton
Chief Technology Officer
Thu 10/15/20 2:52 PM