Roadtrip Nation: Career Tool


Start with your interests.  Your future will follow

To begin, create your account.

  1. Login to your mySierra
  2. Click Discover Careers and Salaries 
  3. Select Roadmap to Careers and follow the instructions to create an account.
    Remember to enter school code: SC2019
  4. Complete Your Interests Roadmap—Steps 1, 2, and 3
  5. View Your Matches


The “Explore” tab at the top of the screen showcases your matches based on your interests.

Careers: Click your matches to view in-depth information specific to the selected career. See links to profiles of the industry’s top leaders, read about a typical day of each professional, and more!

Star a career to save it.  Unsaved  Saved!

Leaders: View profiles of top leaders based on your roadmap.

These profiles include personal milestones, educational backgrounds, career descriptions, hurdles and informational interviews.

The  icon indicates the leader's profile has video stories

Majors: Research top majors based on your career matches.

Within this section, you can view a brief description of the selected major as well as a list of leaders who majored in the same subject.

PLEASE NOTE: Majors are not specific to Sierra College. Students are encouraged to work with a counselor to plan their educational path.


  1. Choose up to five saved Careers to Add to your Plan.
  2. Select recommended Majors that you may be interested in. This section is optional if you are still exploring.
  3. Choose Activities to add to your plan. These are quick and easy ways to explore the careers that interest you.
  4. View Your Plan Summary. This plan of action was made entirely for you, by you, based on your assessments and choices.

Not sure of what's next?  Talk to a trusted professional such as a counselor, specialist or instructor

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