CARE Team: Concerning Signs that a Student May Need Help from the CARE Team

The CARE Team assists at-risk students who are displaying distressing behaviors that are escalating, concerning and require additional support. 

If you believe a student may pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of themselves or others, call 911 and/or Campus Security

Concerning Behaviors

Examples of concerning behaviors may include, but are not limited to:  

Academic Concerns
  • Incongruent content in writings or presentations
  • Academic assignments dominated by themes of extreme hopelessness, isolation, despair, acting out, suicidal ideations/violent behaviors, “cry for help”
  • Excessive absences
  • Serious decline in quality of work
Physical Concerns
  • Marked changes in physical appearance, including deterioration in grooming, hygiene, or weight loss/gain
  • Excessive fatigue/sleep disturbance
  • Intoxication, hang over, smelling of alcohol or marijuana
  • Disoriented or “out of it”
  • Unprovoked anger/hostility
  • Making threats to harm self or others
  • Communicating threats via email, texting, phone calls
Psychological Concerns
  • Self-disclosure of personal distress, family problems, financial difficulties, contemplating suicide, grief
  • Excessive tearfulness, panic reactions, irritability, unusual apathy
  • Verbal abuse (e.g., taunting, badgering, intimidation)
  • Expressions of concern about the student by their peers
  • You find yourself doing more personal rather than academic counseling during office hour

Submit a Referral to the CARE Team

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