How Do I Create a Sierra College Account?


How Do I Create a Sierra College Account?


New Employees/Returning Employees:  Permanent, temporary and part-time employees receive their username, Banner ID Number and login instructions in an email from Human Resources once the hiring process is complete. The email is sent by Human Resources to the employee's personal email address, since the Sierra College email account hasn't been set up at that point.

The date when an employee can first access their Sierra College account is based on their official start date and their job classification. Classified employees can access their account on the day of their official start date. Faculty can access their account two weeks prior to their official start date. For example, a classified employee who has completed the hiring process and received login instructions from Human Resources, but isn't scheduled to start work for six months, won't be able to create their Sierra College password or to access their Sierra College account until their official start date begins. The password reset tool will not recognize the classified employee until their official start date, which means the classiified employee won't be able to create their password or set up their account till their first day of work. For questions, contact the Help Desk at (916) 660-7777.


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