What Classes and How Many Units Should I Take?

What classes should I take?

Hopefully, you already met with a counselor who helped you create your student educational plan (SEP) and recommended classes based on your educational and career goals. 

Follow these steps to review your SEP in Degree Works:  

  1. Log in to your mySierra account
  2. Under the Home tab, click on “Degree Works”
  3. Click on the “Plans” tab
  4. Your most recent SEP will appear on the screen. Note: If you have more than one plan, you may double click on a specific plan.
  5. If you want a paper copy, click on the “print” link on the bottom right of the screen.

If you feel you need to make changes to your classes after reviewing your SEP, schedule an appointment with your counselor to discuss further. To make a counseling appointment, you can call the counseling department.

How many units should I take?

We encourage you to complete 30 units in your first year so you can complete your SEP goals as quickly as possible. We understand that completing this number of units in a year is not possible for every student. If you feel your SEP needs to be adjusted, be sure to see your counselor.