When Do I Register for Classes?

An email with your registration time is sent to your Sierra College student email 3-4 weeks before registration starts. Note: If you apply closer to registration, you could receive this email within 24 hours.

Your registration time is based on the Sierra College Enrollment Priority Policy


You can find your registration time in your mySierra account in the Home tab: 

  1. Click “Registration and Classes”
  2. Click “View my Registration Eligibility and Holds”
  3. Select the correct Term from the pulldown list
  4. Click Submit
  5. You’ll be directed to complete a pre-registration questionnaire, which needs to be filled out one time each semester. Note: We recommend completing this early.

You can register for classes any time after your appointment time. Registering early helps you get the classes you want.

Note: If appointment times have not been assigned, you will get this message: Registration times have not been assigned. Please check back later.

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When do I register for classes?
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