Challenging a Course (Credit by Examination)

If you have prior knowledge or experience in a subject area, you can challenge a class. This process is also called "Credit by Examination."

Benefits of Challenging a Course

Instead of taking a class, you can take a test to receive credit and meet graduation requirements. Note: some private institutions will not accept course credit earned through the challenge process.


To challenge a course, the following must apply to you:

  • Not currently enrolled in the course
  • Have not challenged more than 15 units
  • Have not completed or enrolled in a more advanced course
  • Are currently enrolled in and will complete at least one course other than the course being challenged


  • If you received a grade of D, F, NP, or I in a class, you cannot challenge the class at a later date.
  • You cannot challenge a course again to improve a grade.
  • Challenge process units do not count toward the 12 units in residence required for the associate degree. They also do not count towards the full-time enrollment for honor roll determination.

How to Request a Challenge

File a Challenge Petition Form within the first four weeks of the semester or the first week of the summer session.

  1. Get the form from Admissions and Records.
  2. Get challenge request approval from both the course professor and the division dean.
  3. All regulations are listed on the Challenge Petition itself. Note: many courses are not available for the challenge process.


Pay the challenge fees when you submit the petition.

  • This fee is the same as tuition.
  • BOGW fee waivers do not cover challenge fees.
  • Fees paid are non-refundable.

Need help? Contact Admissions and Records


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