Admissions Forms

Find links to all the forms you may need for Admissions and Records. Every form is listed and explained below.

Academic Enrichment Compliance Form

Must be completed by the high school to certify compliance with the provisions of the Academic Enrichment program.

Academic Enrichment Program Application

For high school students who want to go to Sierra College while attending high school. For more information visit Enrolling in the Academic Enrichment (AE) Program or contact Admissions and Records.

Academic Enrichment Restricted Course List

The list of restricted courses for high school students who attend Sierra College. For more information visit Enrolling in the Academic Enrichment (AE) Program or contact Admissions and Records.

Application to Repeat Course for Legally Mandated Training

To repeat a course to meet a legally mandated training requirement as a condition of continued paid or volunteer employment. For more information visit Repeats, Non-Repeatable Courses, and Course Families.

California Nonresident Tuition Exemption (AB 540 and AB 2000)

For more information visit Residency Requirements. Fill out the application form.

Change of Information Form

Change of Major Request Form

Request a change of major. If you receive financial aid, you must declare a major—you cannot be undeclared. If you change your major after you receive your financial aid, you may be required to repay your financial aid. Visit You Must Complete a Major to Earn an Associate Degree for more information. For help, contact Academic Counseling.

Enrollment Verification Form

Provides proof of enrollment for insurance, housing, etc. For more information visit Enrollment Verification.

Excused Withdraw

General Student Petition Form

Use this form for the following:

  • AP credit
  • Dismissal Appeal: To appeal dismissal before sitting out one semester. 
  • DD214 with Honorable Discharge
  • Military Withdrawal
  • Pass/No Pass
  • Unit Overload
  • Course Repeat: Lapse of Time (seven or more years)
  • Course Repeat: Extenuating Circumstances
  • Dismissal Readmission: To come back to Sierra College after sitting out one semester. 
  • Late Withdrawal: Withdraw from a class after the deadline due to extenuating circumstances. 
  • Other

Grade Change Petition Form

For any grade change including changing an Incomplete to a letter grade. For more information, visit Grade Disputes and Grade Change Petitions.

Incomplete Petition Form

To request additional time to complete coursework. See Incomplete Academic Work for more information.

Used to request a class be dropped after the add/drop deadline

Loss of Priority Registration Appeal Form

For more information, visit Priority Registration.

No Show Drop Petition

Nursing Reading Competency Form

Payment Form

Pay to Print Credit Form

Add money to your account to use Sierra College printers. Learn more about Pay to Print.

Preferred/Chosen Name Form
Learn more about how to change your preferred/chosen name.

Prerequisite Clearance Form

To learn more visit Assessment Forms: Clear or Waive a Prerequisite or Corequisite.

Residency Reclassification Petition Form

If you have been classified as a nonresident but want to be reclassified as a California resident. For more info, visit Residency Requirements.

Transfer Credit Request Form

Transfer other college credits to Sierra. Only use for urgent circumstances.


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