How to Order Sierra College Transcripts

What is the Difference Between Official and Unofficial Transcripts?

  • An official transcript is a sealed document or verifiable electronic/PDF of your academic record at Sierra College. You can order an official electronic/PDF transcript or a sealed official paper transcript. An electronic/PDF transcript is considered official for the recipient only. When re-sent, electronic/PDF transcripts become unofficial. 
  • An unofficial transcript is free. It shows your academic record, but cannot be used for official purposes.

How to Order Official and Unofficial Transcripts

Current Students

Past Students

Includes students who attended Sierra College within the past year Includes students who attended Sierra College more than a year ago
Use mySierra or view other Processing Options Use TranscriptsPlus 

Order transcripts online via mySierra. No signature authorization is required.

  1. Log into mySierra.
  2. Click on the "Grades and Transcripts" link.
  3. Click on the "Order My Official Transcript" or "Order My Unofficial Transcript." Note: Make sure your browser allows pop-up windows from Sierra College.

If ordering Official Transcripts, you will be taken to the TranscriptsPlus site. Click on the "Begin Order" button and enter your information. 

If you wish to view/print your Unofficial Transcripts, there is no confirmation or order that needs to be placed.

  1. Student selects levels (Credit or Noncredit). 
  2. Click "Submit" and the unofficial transcripts will display. Tip: Save the unofficial transcripts as PDF before attempting to print the screen, as it will not print directly from the screen.  

Order official transcripts online via TranscriptsPlus.

You will be required to submit a signed and dated authorization form within TranscripsPlus to complete your transcript request. Once you submit your transcript order, you will be prompted to provide the authorization for your order. Follow the instructions noted and choose the best option for your authorization.

Past students will not be able to access unofficial transcripts online. You can pickup a printed unofficial transcript at a Sierra College Admissions and Records office. If you would like to designate a second party to pick up your transcripts for you, please review the Second Party Transcript Pick-Up Requirements.  


Helpful Transcript Resources and Tips

Required Information and Documents to Order Official Transcripts

  • Your Sierra College student ID or Social Security card
  • Your current name, address, and daytime phone number
  • Any other names you used while attending Sierra College
  • Dates or approximate dates you attended Sierra College
  • Complete name and address of each of the intended transcript recipients

Tips for Faster Transcript Processing

  • Pay the appropriate transcript order fees. Many transcript orders are held pending payment.
  • Read the IGETC/GE Certifications information before checking the box on the transcript request form. Allow up to 5-7 business days for processing. 
  • If you check the "Attachment" box and you have no attachments on file, your order will be delayed. Only check the Attachment option if you need one, such as documents for nursing, a Dean Report, Common Application, etc. If an attachment or IGETC is not on file, additional processing time may be required. . 
  • Check the box confirming you have not received your two free transcripts, if applicable. If you forget to do this step, refunds can be processed but may delay your transcript.
  • Check the status of your transcript order at TranscriptsPlus.
  • Check the email used when placing order, regularly. If you receive a problem email, you will have 30 days to contact the Admissions and Records Office before your order is canceled and your money is refunded.
  • Before you order transcripts, verify with the institution/recipient on the type of transcript they accept.

Advantages of Ordering Transcripts Online

  • Secured authorizing, processing and delivering of your electronic/PDF transcript
  • First two transcripts are free, including electronic/PDF transcripts, when delivered to participating institutions. Subsequent PDF orders cost only $6 each. 
  • You can retain your transcript for your records
  • By signing in with mySierra, you will not have to mail in a request or submit a signed authorization
  • You will get an email confirmation of your order and when your transcript is processed
  • You can check your order status online. 

For online orders (not electronic/PDF transcripts), you have options to include attachments or an IGETC/GE Certification. Here's how:

  • You must check the attachment option or IGETC/GE Certification box or these items will not be included with your transcript.
  • IGETC needs to be completed before you place your order. Schedule an appointment with a counselor to obtain the IGETC. 
  • Allow up to 5-7 business days for processing attachments and IGETC/GE Certifications. If an attachment or IGETC is not on file, additional processing time may be required.
  • Remember to check the email used when placing order for messages and information. 

Second Party Requirements to Pickup Transcripts

A signed written authorization is required for second party pickup (i.e., Parent/guardian, sibling, spouse, friend, etc.).

They will need:

  • Designated pickup person’s valid photo ID
  • A signed authorization from the student ordering the transcript that includes:
    • Statement of Authorization specifying who can pick up the transcript
    • Student’s full name, contact number, and date of birth
    • A copy of the student’s photo ID  and student's Sierra College ID number

Processing Options for Official Transcripts

Your first two official transcripts from Sierra College are free. Depending on the processing option (listed below) you choose, you may incur costs for shipping and rush services. 

For orders with attachments or IGETC/GE Certifications, allow 5-7 business days for processing. If an attachment or IGETC is not on file, additional processing time may be required. You will be notified when your order has been processed. 

Processing Options

Processing Option Details

Electronic/PDF transcript delivery service to another school on the Transcripts Network
  • Automatically processed upon completion of order (only if logging on with mySierra)
  • Costs $5 per electronic/PDF transcript after first two free transcripts
  • Supports delivery in multiple electronic formats (PDF/EDI)
  • IGETC/GE Certification is not available with this option
Electronic/PDF Delivery to student or institution/business (third party)
  • Automatically processed upon completion of order (only if logging on with mySierra)
  • Costs $6 per PDF transcript after first two free transcripts
  • Transcripts certifiable up to 6 months
  • PDF transcripts can be downloaded by the recipient. Please verify with an institution if they can accept an official PDF transcript.
Rush service with in-person pickup
  • Available for pickup after 12pm next business day (after authorization has been received) at the Admissions and Records office on the Rocklin Campus
  • Cost $15.00 per transcript
  • Authorized pickup available on the Rocklin Campus only
  • Transcripts can be picked up by the student or authorized second party with a photo ID. View second party pickup requirements.
  • IGETC/GE Certification is not available with this option
Standard mail services
  • Takes 5-7 business days to process (does not include mailing time) after authorization has been received
  • Costs $7 per transcript after first two free transcripts
  • Copies can be mailed to your home or another institution
  • Expedited delivery service (FedEx) is available at an additional cost. Also available for transcript orders with attachments.
  • Allow 5-7 business days for processing attachments and IGETC/ GE Certification. If an attachment or IGETC is not on file, additional processing time may be required



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