Add a Class After it has Begun (Late Registration)

To register for a class after the class has begun, you must get a unique Add Code from your instructor.

You can only add classes in mySierra using Add Codes before the add/drop/refund deadline. You will not be able to add classes past the “W” deadline.

How to get Add Codes and Register for Classes:

  1. Attend the first and second class session of each class you wish to add. Let your instructor know you need an Add Code.
  2. If there is space available, the instructor will give you an Add Code. Keep in mind that students on the waitlist will have priority. Learn more about waitlists.
  3. After obtaining the six-digit Add Code from your instructor, log into mySierra. Click on the "Registration and Classes" link, then the "Add/Drop or Withdraw from Classes" link.
  4. Input the Course Reference Number (CRN) for the class you wish to add and click “Submit Changes.” You can find the CRN number for your classes by looking them up in the class schedule. (After you search for your class, the CRN number will appear in the second column from the left.) After you submit your changes, mySierra will ask you for the six-digit Add Code.
  5. Enter the code and click “Validate.”
  6. After the add code is validated, click “Submit” to complete the registration.
  7. Remember to pay your class fees or you will be dropped from the class. Learn more about how to pay fees and expenses.

Online Classes

Since you will not be able to join a waitlist after classes have started, you will need to email the instructor if you want an Add Code. You can find your teacher's email by clicking on the class's CRN link in the Sierra College Class Schedule. Learn more about waitlists and add codes for online classes.

Important Reminders

  • Your Sierra College application must be on file and processed before registering for any classes. You must also clear any holds on your account. Learn how to check your account for holds.
  • Students on a waitlist stand a higher chance of receiving an Add Code. Try to get onto the waitlist for class before the first day of classes. Refer to the waitlist articles for more information.
  • After the add/drop/refund deadline, you must obtain an instructor’s signature in addition to an Add Code, and you must register in person at the Admissions Office.
  • Late Start or Fast Track classes may be added before their start date without an Add Code if there is still space in the class. If the class is full, you must follow the same steps as indicated above.