Steps on How to Register for Classes

You may wish to check your registration eligibility and holds to make sure you are eligible to register for classes.

Step One: How to Find the Classes you Want to Add

Before you can register for classes, you will need to look up what sections are available for the courses you wish to take and copy the CRN codes.

  1.  Go to the Sierra College Class Schedule Search.
  2. Select your term from the "Step 1: Select a Term" drop-down menu (i.e., Spring 2017).
  3. Select a campus from the "Step 2: Select a Campus" drop-down menu. For example, if you choose "Rocklin Campus," you will view classes offered in Rocklin. If you want to view all classes that are offered on all campuses, select "All Campuses."
  4. After you select a campus, the "Search Details" options will open up. If you don't select any details, you will view all classes available on the campus you specified. If you would like to narrow your search, you may wish to specify the following:
    1. Subject: A list of subjects (i.e. English). If you choose a subject, you will only see classes offered in this subject area.
    2. Title, Course Number, and CRN: If you are looking for a specific course (i.e., ENGL 0001A - Introduction to Composition), you can search by Title (Introduction to Composition) or Course Number (0001A). If you already know the CRN number for the specific section you would like to add, you can search by CRN.
    3. Instructor: If you have a favorite instructor, you can scroll through the instructor drop-down menu and select his or her name.
    4. Availability: You can choose to search only for "Open Classes Only" or "Open Classes or Room on the Waitlist." The default is set to "All," which will show classes with all types of availability.
    5. Start Time, End Time, Days: If you have a busy schedule, you can choose to search for classes during the specific time periods that will work best for you.
    6. Instructional Method: You can choose to search only "Osher Classes," "Televised Classes," "Classroom" (which are classes that happen on campus), "Online," and "Hybrid" (a mix between online and classroom).
    7. GE Attributes: If you are trying to fulfill your degree requirements, it can be helpful to search using these criteria.
  5. Click the “Search” button. You will be taken to a list of classes that meet your search criteria.
  6. When you find a class you wish to take, copy the five-digit CRN (Class Registration Number). The CRN code is listed in the second column from the left and is an underlined, blue link which you can click on for more information. You will need this five-digit code for the adding your class (the next step).

Step Two: How to Add Classes

Follow these steps to add classes to your schedule.

  1. Log into mySierra.
  2. Select “Registration and Classes.”
  3. Select “Add, Drop or Withdraw from Classes.”
  4. Select your registration term.
  5. You may need to answer a few questions to make sure your information is up to date.
  6. Under the "Add Classes Worksheet," enter the Course Reference Number (CRN) in each box. CRN codes are listed in the Class Schedule.
  7. Click "Submit Changes." If the class already exists in your current schedule, select “Web Registration” from the Action drop-down menu and click “Submit Changes.”
  8. If the class you want is full but has space on the waitlist, the waitlist option will display under the Action drop-down menu. Select the Waitlist option from the drop-down menu and click "Submit Changes." View waitlist articles for more information.
  9. Once you add your classes and submit changes, click “Finalize Registration.”
  10. Pay for Classes.

Error Messages

The "Submit Changes" button checks for errors in your registration transactions. If you encounter any registration errors, correct them and click "Submit Changes" again. Continue until you see a confirmation under "Current Schedule."

Pay Your Fees to Complete Registration

Fees are due when you register. More information on how and when to pay fees and expenses.

Academic Calendar

For important registration dates and deadlines view the Academic Calendar.

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