I Received a Dismissal Letter but I Want to Stay in School

Learn what dismissal means and how we can help you to appeal it.

What is Dismissal?

Dismissal comes after two consecutive semesters of one of the following:

  • A cumulative grade-point average below 2.0
  • Receiving W, I or NP in 50% or more of total units attempted

How to Come Back To School

We can help you understand what caused this level of performance and draw up a plan for recovery. In that plan, you can list the steps you will take to make yourself more successful in the future. In particular, you will want to accept services we offer that could strengthen your skills as a student.

You can file a "Dismissal Appeal" using the General Student Petition, and you will want to make it clear that you will either limit your work hours and other commitments outside of school or stay below a certain number of units. 

Your appeal may be approved by the committee. Otherwise, you must sit out one semester. When you return after your dismissal, you will still be on probation. You must see a counselor and complete the General Student Petition and check mark "Dismissal Readmission" to register for classes.

Contact Counseling for help.


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