Scholarship Information

Be sure to take advantage of scholarship opportunities offered through Sierra College and through outside organizations.

Sierra College Scholarships

See what scholarships you can apply for. Go to the Sierra College Online Scholarship Application Scholarship Search.

How to Apply

Check the Scholarship Manager for deadlines. If you are selected for a scholarship, you will receive an email.

The Financial Aid Office posts new scholarships as they become available. Also, we will send information to your instructors when classes are in session.

How to Receive Your Scholarship Money

Congrats on receiving a scholarship. To receive your award, the following must apply:

  • You are currently attending Sierra College
  • Some scholarships depend on your enrollment status (being a full-time or part-time student). Check your particular award for details.

To get your award money, select a refund preference with BankMobile by visiting:

 Learn more about disbursement.

Students Going to Four-Year College Or University

Attending a four-year college or university? Send an enrollment verification to the Sierra College Financial Aid Office. We require enrollment verifications for the fall and spring semesters.

After we receive your enrollment verification, your scholarship check will be sent to your four-year institution's Financial Aid Office. Most scholarships come in two disbursements: half for fall and the other half for spring.

Receiving Scholarships from Your High School or Other Organization

High schools and organizations (like Rotary Clubs and Foundations) usually send us your scholarship checks. These checks are payable to the Sierra College Financial Aid Office. You can receive your scholarship if you:

  • Are a current Sierra College Student
  • Are enrolled in the number of units required for your scholarship
  • Meet all other criteria set by your donor

Select a refund preference with BankMobile by visiting:

Most scholarships are issued in two disbursements: half for fall and the other half for spring. Learn more about disbursement. 

Scholarships from Outside Institutions

Search for scholarships on the following websites. These sites are free, and they list thousands of scholarships, fellowships and grants.

Posted Scholarships at Sierra College

Find more scholarship information in these locations:

  • Scholarship board in the Winstead Center
  • Financial Aid Office (Rocklin and Nevada County)



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