Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) FAQ

Find out how to verify your disability, approach your instructors, and receive counseling. Learn more about the Disabled Student Program.

A Verified Disability

A certified DSPS professional must verify a disability. We offer specialized services to help disabled students overcome their limitations and fully participate in Sierra College classes.

How To Verify Your Disability

You can have your disability verified by submitting one of these disability document to DSPS:

Or you can visit Sierra College's Learning Opportunity Center to get tested and verified.

Accommodation Certification

When you register with DSPS, you can ask your counselor for an Accommodation Certification Form. You can show this form to your instructors or the Testing Center if you need accommodations such as extra time on exams or a note-taker.


All information is strictly confidential. Your instructor will not know you have a disability until you request an accommodation. An instructor is not entitled to know your specific disability.

Meet with a General Counselor or a Disabled Student Services Counselor

Disabled Student Services counselors provide the same services as general counseling. You can see any counselor you wish for general counseling. However, you must meet with DSPS faculty and sign your MAP (My Academic Plan) every semester to receive services. You always have the option of not using the programs and services available to you.


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