Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing can help you explore your career options. Learn more and how to apply.

What is Job Shadowing?

The Job Shadowing Program is a unique benefit to students through Career Connections. It provides an opportunity to visit a company and an employee who is working in the occupation one is hoping to enter. A student spends time one-on-one with an employee at the worksite. He or she observes daily activities, asking questions about the job and workplace.

The experience provides students with a look at the world of work and the range of career opportunities available to them. Students can relate the job shadow experience directly to career interests, related skills requirements, all aspects of an industry, and further education options. A job shadow experience consists of three to twenty-five hours with any one employee, and can help determine a direction for an internship.

Why Job Shadow?

Students who participate come from diverse backgrounds with a common goal. They are attempting to learn as much as possible about the responsibilities, skills, and future outlook of occupations they are considering for future employment. As technology changes, our work environment also changes. New skills and abilities are required to meet the demands of this ever-changing world. It now takes a great deal of insight, knowledge and know-how to make a decision that will affect the rest of our lives. Job Shadowing may be one of the most important programs students can take advantage of at Sierra College. The benefits include an opportunity to:

  • Explore interesting careers
  • Learn more specifically about a certain career
  • Accompany professionals at their workplace
  • Obtain knowledge that comes only from being in the job setting
  • Determine if your career path is the right one
  • Link textbook knowledge and skills acquired in class and apply it directly to the real world of work
  • Set the path for an internship

How do I Arrange Job Shadowing?

  • Personal referral is the most effective. Have a mutual acquaintance be the bridge for your contact.
  • The Career Connections staff can also assist in arranging the interview. Students request when, where and what field of study they would like to shadow. Students may participate in more than one Job Shadowing experience to help narrow career choices.
  • "Walk-in" or telephoning are the next best routes if you don't have a personal referral.

Where do I Start?

In deciding where you want to shadow you need to consider a few things:

  1. What is your Career Path?
  2. What career do you REALLY want to learn more about?
  3. Be prepared with some questions you may want answered. What kinds of questions should you ask? See the questions in the Informational Interviewing section.

Please talk to a Sierra College counselor or contact Career Connections to begin your research.

What Should I do Afterwards?

It is a good idea to follow up your Job Shadow with a thank-you note. In it, you might want to mention the information you found particularly interesting or helpful. Let them know that you appreciate them letting you ask questions, observing the daily activities of the workplace and that the experience was a great value to you.


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