What is Work-Study?

Sierra College Work-Study programs offer eligible students an important opportunity to gain valuable work experience as they complete their educational goals.

Sierra College Currently Offers Two Work-Study Programs:

1. Federal Work-Study

Federal Work Study (FWS) is a federal financial aid program. In order to be eligible for FWS funds, a student must have completed a FAFSA and determined eligible for the FWS program. In addition, Work-study funds must be available at the time you are hired. Work-study funds are awarded to students during the first few weeks of school and are usually exhausted within a few short weeks.

Once funds are exhausted, you can ask to have your name added to the FWS Wait List.  Student workers are limited to just 24 hours in a week and cannot exceed 8 hours a day. Once hired, your available hours per semester will be computed based on your award. You cannot exceed your FWS award. To be put on the FWS waitlist, contact Financial Aid,

For a full list of qualifications, detailed application information, and forms, visit Federal Work-Study.

2. CalWORKS Work-Study

CalWORKs Work-Study is funded through the Community College Chancellor’s office.

The intent of CalWORKs Work-Study is to provide work opportunities that will enable CalWORKs students to meet CalWORKs work requirements while pursuing an educational program and to provide students with work experiences that will make them more marketable when they finish their educational program; and to provide them with an additional source of income within the requirements of the CalWORKs program.

NOTE: Students are not eligible to work until cleared by the Financial Aid office.


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