Career Connection: Information for Employers

Employers and local professionals are important partners with Career Connections. They can be involved in many ways.

The following opportunities are possible ways for you or your organization to become involved in the Career Connections program. If you need further information or clarification regarding the below information, please do not hesitate to contact Career Connections.

Post a Job: Sierra Job Link

Sierra College Career Connections now offers FREE, online job posting for our local employers who want to post full-time, part-time, internships, seasonal, and freelance jobs. It's convenient, effective and free. You can post or update jobs, search student and alumni resumes and access your listings 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

All employer registrations will be reviewed by Career Connections for approval.

Note: This service is by self-referral. We do not provide job placement assistance—job seekers are neither screened nor referred by Career Connections.

On-campus Recruiting

Contact Career & Transfer Connections for more information.

Offering an Internship

More than 150 Sierra students participate in internships each year. Internships are a great opportunity for students to experience work-based learning, develop marketable skills, expand their professional network and apply classroom theories and techniques to the workplace. Employers can help shape the future employees in their industry, assist students in acquiring “real-work” skills and potentially fulfill future employment needs through hosting an intern. Most internships take place over a semester (16 weeks) and may range from 5-20 hours per week. Interns may be paid or unpaid; certain restrictions apply to each.

Approved internships can result in academic credit. There is no obligation on the part of the worksite employer to offer regular employment to the student following the structured internship experience. Training agreements and learning objectives are developed and student progress is supervised and evaluated collaboratively by the worksite supervisor and a Sierra College faculty member.

If you are interested in hosting an intern, download the Employer Info Sheet. You can post internships using the Sierra Job Link website; once your position is approved, you can search resumes of eligible students and eligible students can search for your opportunity, as well. For more information, contact us.

Looking for Volunteers

Volunteer opportunities can be listed in the Sierra Job Link job postings. You can indicate “Volunteer” as one of the categories under type of position. Sierra also has a number of student clubs and organizations that look for community service opportunities. Here is the list of club contacts.

Being a Guest Speaker

Sharing your career path, industry insights and professional advice can greatly enhance any classroom setting. Guest speakers can bring a sense of legitimacy to topics, helping students understand the relevance of classroom learning to the world of work. Speakers typically describe their occupations, the necessary preparation, required knowledge, and other information students need to make a decision about a career. If you are interested in being listed in our Speakers Bureau, please contact Career and Transfer Connections.

Helping Students in Other Ways

Informational Interview

Students interview workers, asking questions about career/work experiences. By learning about the career and education choices these workers have made, students gain insight into their own career options and can determine the direction of their education and career plans. These interviews may take place at the worksite or over the phone and generally last from 15 minutes to one hour.

Job Shadow

A student spends time one-on-one with an employee at the worksite. He or she observes daily activities, asking questions about the job and workplace. The experience provides students with a look at the world of work and the range of career opportunities available to them. Students can relate the job shadow experience directly to career interests, related skills requirements, all aspects of an industry and further education options. A job shadow experience typically lasts from 3 to 6 hours and may possibly determine a direction for an internship.


A mentorship is a formal relationship, as opposed to visits, between a student and a work-site role model who provides support and encouragement to the student. Mentors help students become accustomed to the rules, norms and expectations of the workplace, and can provide career insight and guidance based on personal career experience. Mentors serve as resources to students, helping them resolve work-related issues and conflicts. There is no time limit on mentorships.

Site Visit

A group of students accompanied by an instructor are invited to tour a business place to observe work processes and occupations. The trip introduces careers and the world of work by allowing students to observe and ask questions of people at their jobs. The students typically observe the workplace in a single visit and the group size may vary to meet the organization’s space/time.

Educator Opportunities 

Educators may wish to partake in similar opportunities as students in order to learn more about, keep updated in or make contacts with an industry/career. This type of experience keeps our educators up to date and better able to serve and teach our students by being aware of what is happening and required in today’s workplace.


Most students struggle to meet the high costs of college. Sierra College offers numerous scholarships each year to eligible students. These scholarships are sponsored by Sierra College, the College Foundation, private and public organizations and range from $50 to $1,500. Selection is based primarily on academic performance but may also include other criteria. If you are interested in sponsoring a scholarship in your or your organization’s name, please contact the Sierra College Foundation, or e-mail at or call 916.660.7020.


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