Residence Hall Meal Plan

The meal plan is offered in connection with DishOut. Each resident will receive a meal card, with meal plan money divided into specific amounts per week. Money will be deposited onto the meal card on either a weekly or monthly basis.

When the meal card has been activated the resident will be able to use the meal card in the Campus Center (Building J) on-campus according to the cafeteria’s hours of operation.

Residents are also able to use the meal card at certain restaurants off-campus. The list of restaurants is available at Sierra College Advantage Cash. It is the resident’s responsibility to budget the meal plan money accordingly.

Does the Money on the Meal Card Carry Over to the Next Week?

Yes, the money does carry over into the next week. However, the money does not carry over into the next semester. All accumulated money at the end of the semester will be cleared off the card. There is no refund for unused monies remaining on the card at the end of the semester.

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