Personal Safety and Property Safety

The Sierra College campus community strives to provide a safe and secure environment for its students, employees and visitors. Residents are expected to assist in maintaining a safe environment within the Residence Hall complex. If safety and security issues arise, students should report these concerns to a member of the Residence Hall staff or to the Campus Security Office.

Behavioral Intervention CARE Team 

The Sierra College Behavioral Intervention CARE Team assists at-risk students who are displaying distressing behaviors that are escalating, concerning and require additional support. If you believe a student may pose an immediate threat to the health and safety of themselves or others, call 911 and/or Campus SecurityOtherwise, submit a referral from any of our campuses. Follow these instructions to submit a Public CARE Report referral form

Residence Hall Security Measures

For those students living on campus, the residence hall has a computerized access system that controls all exterior doors. Residents are issued an access key for admittance to the building as well as a key to their room. Residents are not to admit non-residents into the Residence Hall who are not their guests. All guests must sign in with a member of the Residence Hall staff. This practice helps to ensure safety and security of the hall community. Students will be held responsible for their invited guests. Campus Security Officers patrol our parking lot, exterior building areas and grounds, and community areas each evening. Residence Hall staff also provides a variety of programs throughout the academic year on matters of personal safety and precautionary tactics.

Personal Property Security Measures

Residents are responsible for the security of their personal property, and it is recommended that room doors remain locked at all times. Insurance on personal property is also recommended to help guard against financial loss. (Check to see if your family's home owners policy covers you while at school.) You can also purchase theft/fire insurance with National Student Services, Inc.



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