Student Equity Outcomes: Access

A. STUDENT SUCCESS INDICATOR FOR ACCESS -Compare the percentage of each population group that is enrolled to the percentage of each group in the adult population within the community served.

A.1: Improve accuracy of demographic data for full- and part-time faculty and staff.
Align demographic questions asked of faculty and staff to the same prompts asked of students Activity type: Research and Evaluation, Student Equity Coordination/Planning, and Professional Development
VPHR,Research Office The percentage of “unknown” under race/ethnicity of faculty and staff will be reduced by 50% resulting in more accurate reporting.
Students, faculty and staff will be asked the same demographic questions. Data reporting for future terms will be in alignment.
06/30/2016 Completed and ongoing: data for both newly hired staff and those who are currently working at Sierra College has been updated and will be included in the college’s fall 2015 MIS submission
A.2: Conduct a campus climate/needs assessment survey.
Activity type: Student Equity Coordination/Planning, Research and Evaluation, and Professional Development
Research Office A campus climate survey will be conducted and the information utilized to inform student equity related activities and future
06/30/2016 Completed and ongoing: Survey was completed and report is forthcoming.
A.3: Develop and implement a comprehensive plan for the Centers to: provide support for the student populations showing disparate impact based on race/ethnicity, gender, disability, financial need, former foster youth, and veterans status; provide professional development for faculty and staff.
Activity type: Student Equity Coordination/Planning, Direct Student Support, and Student Services or other Categorical
Program, Professional Development, and Instructional Support Activities.
Dean - Student Equity A vision statement and program plan for an Equity Center will receive institutional approval. The plan will identify the location, functions, staffing structure, potential
resources, and implementation time.

Implement the Equity Center Plan – officially changed to Student Engagement Centers to reflect the primary role of the centers to
enhance student success.

Completed and ongoing: three centers will be completed and
open for students in February 2016. A director and support team
are being hired to run the centers.
A.4: Provide professional development for faculty and staff on racial, ethnic, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, physical and cognitive disabilities, learning styles, and levels of academic preparation.
Activity type: Student Equity Coordination/Planning, Instructional Support Activities, Curriculum/Course Development or Adaptation  and Professional Development
VPHR, VPI, Dean Student Equity, Academic Senate, Staff Development A professional development program will be established with curriculum focused on understanding bias and differences, cultural
competency, strategies for change,
disabilities and learning styles, citizenship, and teaching students with varying levels of academic preparation.
06/30/2016 A Workgroup began in spring 2015 and will continue through spring
2016 under equity to develop this effort
A.5: Continue research analyses and discussions regarding MIS/ scorecard demographic data and College demographic data

Activity type: Student Equity Coordination/Planning, Research and Evaluation, Instructional Support Activities, Curriculum/Course Development or Adaptation, and Professional Development
Research Office, Academic Senate, NL Findings will be incorporated into future year student equity planning. 06/30/2016 Completed and ongoing.
Resources have been added through equity to expand research capabilities (e.g.: faculty researcher, CCSSE, EAB).
Internal and external benchmarks have been established.
A.6: Develop and implement an outreach plan, which will include a financial aid component, to target historically underrepresented and other targeted high-risk students.

Activity type: Student Equity Coordination/Planning, Outreach, Student Services or other Categorical Program, Direct Student Support, and Professional  Development
Outreach Manager and Financial Aid Manager Participation rates from feeder high schools with higher numbers of historically underrepresented and high-risk students will increase by 3%. 12/31/2016 The college has hired two financial aid outreach specialists – as part of RISE guided pathway program. An outreach/onboarding plan is under development targeted to at risk student populations.
Outcomes will be assessed after 1 year of implementation
A.7: Update the College website and mySierra portal focused towards students’ goal completion by providing relevant, easily accessible, timely, and accurate information that is accessible to all students and in consideration of language and disability barriers.

Activity type: Student Equity Coordination/Planning, Direct Student Support, Student Services or other Categorical Program, and Instructional Support Activities
Marketing Manager Establish new website for equity – coordinate all equity programs and initiatives for easy access and consumption on web and social media. Surveys and/or focus group results will reflect increased levels of satisfaction with information provided on the College web site and mySierra. 03/30/2016 Hired outside consultant for wire frame – college is overhauling entire website – equity is part of this process
A.8: Develop a Dual Enrollment Program targeted to historically underrepresented and target high risk populations at feeder high schools to increase college going participation rates and college
readiness rates.

Activity type: Student Equity Coordination/Planning, Outreach, Direct Student Support, Curriculum/Course Development or Adaptation, Instructional Support Activities, and Professional Development
Dean – Equity, VPI, VPSS A Dual Enrollment Program will be established at one or more identified feeder high school(s).
Participation rates from those high schools will increase by 5% after the first year of implementation.
06/30/2017 A pilot program will be launched in January 2016 at 2 local high



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