Online TI-84 Graphing Calculator Simulator

This calculator is often used for Math 13 (statistics) and can be helpful with any other math or science course that makes use of graphing. These instructions are only for PC users; MAC user may purchase the TI Smartview software.   Please see mobile version instructions below. 

On your PC

STEP 1: Download  the Wabbitemu file by going to Scroll down the page until you see the "Download Wabbitemu for Windows 64-bit" link and click on that link and download the file. 

STEP 2: Open a new browser tab and go to to download "ti84se.rom". 

STEP 3: Both files should now be located in your "downloads" folder. Open your downloads folder and double-click on the Wabbitemu .exe file to open it. 

STEP 4: Select "Browser for a ROM image on my computer" option then click on the "Browse" button, then navigate to your downloads folder to choose the "ti84se.rom" file:

STEP 5: Click the Finish button and the graphing calculator will open. SUGGESTION: Maximize the window to get a good fit on your screen. 


On your Phone

STEP 1: On your smart phone, install Wabbitemu from your play store:

STEP 2: Before you open the app, use your mobile browser to go to to download the "ti84se.rom" file:

STEP 3: Open the Wabbitemu app and select "I already have a ROM file", then click next at the bottom of the screen.

STEP 4: Click on "Load file" and the calculator will appear on your screen


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