Add your Zoom Phone Number to Sierra Connect Locations


I have students with audio issues with their devices that prevents them from speaking in our Zoom meetings. How do I add my Zoom phone number to my locations in Sierra Connect?


Login to Zoom and go to the meeting you have scheduled for your Writing Center appointments, or to your Personal Meeting zoom if that is what you are using. Click on “Show Meeting Invitation”

Copy one of the phone numbers listed and the Meeting ID; you do not need to copy all of the phone numbers listed:

Login to Sierra Connect, click on the hamburger menu, then select Appointment Preferences from the drop-down menu next to your name

Scroll down to the My Locations section. If you do not have an option for "Phone" click on Add Location. If you already have a location for "Phone", click on the vertical ellipsis for your Zoom location to “Edit”

Paste your phone number and Meeting ID in the Instructions Box:

Be sure to add your "phone" location to you office hours. Please see this article for further instructions.  

Students will now have a way to connect with you via audio through Zoom. Please note that there may be two instances of the student in your meeting room if they need to attend this way.

If you are already meeting with a student and need to provide them with the call-in number for your room, here’s how you can find it! With your Zoom room open, click on the arrow next to Participants to “invite” more people to the room. Then click on the “Copy Invitation” button OR email the email (default email) invitation to the student.




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