Spring 2020 Excused Withdraw (EW)/Class Grade Options

Due to the extenuating and unforeseen circumstances that have resulted from COVID-19, we understand students may need to withdraw from their classes for various reasons. 

Following guidance from the California Community College Chancellor’s Office, students who do not wish to continue a course due to changes in instruction due to COVID-19 may request an Excused Withdraw (EW) for their spring 2020 classes. We want to describe the options available and the financial aid and academic implications, so you can make an informed decision. 

Stop taking class and take it again in a future semester

Option 1: Excused Withdraw. Refund of out-of-pocket enrollment fees and prorated non-enrollment fees

  • No impact to academic standing, dismissal, or ability to repeat a course
  • Financial Aid status will be protected
Complete the class, but do not want to get a letter grade

Option 2: Pass/No Pass (P/NP)

  • For Spring 2020, P/NP courses will not factored into GPA calculations or academic probation or dismissal
  • Will be accepted for transfer at CSUs and UCs and for local Sierra College degrees and certificates
  • Speak to a counselor to understand impacts of Pass/No Pass options on your individual situation
Complete class at a future date (work must be completed within one year)

Option 3: Incomplete

  • Contact instructor to request an incomplete in the course
Continue and complete the class this semester

Continue in course with support

What if I already withdrew from a class or was withdrawn from a class by an instructor?

If you withdrew from a class after March 8 you can request an EW and receive a refund of out-of-pocket enrollment and prorated non-enrollment fees. An email was sent with information on how to submit an EW.

How do I request an EW?

To request an EW, students send their name, student ID #, course record number(s) (CRN) for class from their Sierra College email address to: 

When can I request an EW?

Students are encouraged to request an EW before the end of the spring semester (May 16, 2020).

How will an EW impact my financial aid?

Complete withdraws submitted after March 8 for spring 2020 classes:

  • Will not count toward lifetime subsidized loan eligibility
  • Will not count toward lifetime Pell Grant eligibility
  • Will be EXEMPT from having to return unearned portion of Title IV aid
  • Will have no hold on their financial aid nationwide
  • Will not have to repay a loan that was issued to you during the spring 2020 term. Department will cancel and forgive the spring 2020 loan.
  • Will be excluded from Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standing
    • If failing grade due to COVID-19, Financial Aid will try to coordinate with you and instructors to change failing grade to EW. 
  • Will delay your academic progress toward your educational goal

How will an EW impact my academics and graduation?

Each student’s academic situation differs. After you submit your EW request, you may be contacted about your request to discuss impact on your financial aid, graduation, transfer, or certificate completion. However, for all students, EWs:

  • Will not impact your academic progress or standing 
  • Do not count as an attempt for a class
  • Do not “look bad” on a transcript

Does an EW negatively affect me as a veteran?

Please speak to a counselor to understand impacts of Pass/No Pass options on your individual situation.


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